Labour Day – An International day for our all Workers

Labour Day

Labour Day

This day is celebrated on May 1 in many countries like India, Ghana, Libya, Nigeria, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Iran, and Jordan. Basically, labour day is dedicated to the labors and workers.


Workers from all over the world work hard to survive. Therefore, a special day has been dedicated to celebrating their hard work and determination. In most countries, May 1 has been marked as Labour Day.


Although unlike many other days we celebrate it, this day has not been so easily created.

It all started with an increase in industrialization. The industrialists exploited the labor class. He took a lot of work from the workers, but in turn, paid them very little.

In difficult circumstances, the labors worked 10-15 hours a day Those who used to work in chemical factories, mines, and other similar places had to face the most problems.

Many of these people fell ill and many others lost their lives while working long hours in such circumstances.


After all, they gathered together to raise their voice against this tyranny. Around that time, creating a trade union and going on strike was also considered illegal in many countries.

However, as it was equivalent to endangering its job, many workers came forward and demonstrated against this injustice. Trade unions were formed and workers went on strike.

They also performed rallies and protests. After all, the government has heard their petition and the number of hours worked up to 8 hours.

A special day was established to celebrate the efforts of this class. Labor Day date varies according to each country.


Origin of Labor Day

In the days before, the condition of the laborers was very poor. They had to work hard and work 15 hours a day. He had to face injuries and other terrible problems arose at his workplace.

Despite hard work by them, they were paid less wages. Due to the long working hours and the lack of good resources, the increasing number of health problems of these people has raised the voice against the system to cure this problem.


Agitated labor unions were formed, which for some time fought for their rights. After this, for the people of the workers and the working class, the number of works was fixed for 8 hours. It is also known as an eight-hour movement.×300.png

According to this, a person should work only for eight hours. It should be eight hours for recreation and eight hours of comfort. Labor Day is the origin of this movement.        

Although the history of labor day and origin is different in different countries, the main reason behind this is the same and it is an unfair practice of the labor class.

It was quite unfortunate that the people who contributed a lot to the basic infrastructure development of the country had bad behavior.

There were many agitations against it in different parts of the world and this day came into being.



The labor class is actually a class that needs to be involved in various hard work. A special day is definitely necessary to appreciate their contribution to society and to know their identity.