Instant Home-made Chocolate.

Instant Home made Chocolates

I am sharing this recipe of  Home-made Chocolates with you all. Now, you can make chocolates in this festive season at your home within 30 min.

Ingredients –

Dark compound  chocolate bar,  Milk compound chocolate bar, choco chips/roasted dry fruits/crunchy balls/waffies/gems  , moulds of different shapes

chocolate recipee We Dare

Procedure –

Step 1 – Take 2 slabs of Milk compound and 1 slab of Dark compound chocolate bar of any  company.I prefer  chocolate bars of Morde Company. Cut them into small pieces.

Step 2 -Melt chocolate pieces together  either in double boiler or in oven till it gets  converted into liquid form.

Step 3 – During this melting process, stir it continuously. Make sure that melted chocolate should not come in contact with water.

Step 4 –Apply very small amount of butter to moulds for 1st time only. Add melted chocolate into moulds. Add roasted dry fruits within chocolate layers. You can add anything instead of dry fruits as mentioned above.

Step 5 – Keep this mould in deep fridger for 20 mins.

After 20 min ,you will get tasty chocolates made by you. If you want to make it attractive,wrap it with food paper .

chocolate recipe We Dare

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