Essential Parenting.

Today’s parent has developed a feeling, of giving everything to their child which probably they did not get as a child or could afford it for themselves or their parents could not afford it for them. But they have forgotten that letting go small things actually made them a good person and gave the ability to understand and respect emotions of others.

In giving the best to their child, they have forgotten to teach the morals of giving and sacrificing, which not only makes a person a good professional but also a good human being. Letting go of small things bring maturity in a person and can survive happily even with small earnings. As a parent they may make a good engineer or a doctor or any professional, but the question that arises is, Is this doctor or is this engineer also a good human being?

Moreover parents have also lost control on behavior of child because of few of the following reasons.

  • Technological advances
  • Nuclear family.
  • Both parents working
  • Lack of freedom to express in their own way indirectly stopping them from self learning
  • Lack of a right role model which was easily available in joint family.

Due to all these reasons the responsibility of teaching moral and values, which was once the responsibility of parents has to be shared with people who run social schools.

Here I want to say that, its parents as well as teachers who play a important role in molding a child’s character. They are the one who show the right attitude towards things. You can say, If a parent has valued honesty, then a child will also learn to value honesty. Only If, parents have sufficient time to interact with the child at the right time. Here I focus on right time because certain things lose its vigor if done late.

All this may involve not only passing values and morals but also passing our perception to certain extent. A child may follow your perceptions and react the same way as you react to certain when you see somebody throwing waste on road ,you may react negatively, the child in this process learns that throwing waste on road will not be liked by people, and may avoid this act in future. Likewise, DHOOM movie can be adventure for a child if its adventure for parents, but if the parents who feel that the movie is depicting certain character which is involving robbery by a hero is probably not adventurous but dangerous thought for a child to feel it adventurous, may not allow the child to watch the movie. Probably that’s the reason why some movies are to be watched under parental guidance.

At the end I want to call attention on the fact that parents play a very important role in developing not only an engineer or doctor but a good human being on the whole. So along with giving those materialistic things give them the ability to use this wisely. So give them not only valuable items but also your valuable thought, perceptions, values, morals, patience, truthfulness, honesty, etc…

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