What is the meaning of being spiritual?

This question can arise in the mind of an inquisitor.

being spiritual

That we should do exactly what to do so that the Supreme which is God, can happen in my life?

Sadguru answers that spirituality is not for cats, do you understand? You can not do anything else in your life but think that I can be spiritual, it is not so.

If you can take any work of this world in your own hands, then there may be a possibility of spiritual becoming, otherwise not.

If you have the power and courage to do any work of this world and do well, then you can possibly be spiritual.

This is not for those who cannot do anything. Right now, it is sitting in the mind of the whole country, possibly in the whole world, that they are scum and worthless people, spiritual people because the so-called spiritual people have become the same.

Those people who are not worthy of doing anything, they do just that they wear Garuda cloth and sit in front of a temple; His life goes on.

It is not spirituality, it is just a beggar wearing this uniform. If you have to win your consciousness, if you have to reach the peak of your consciousness, there can never be a beggar there.

There are two types of beggars. Gautam Buddha and people of that level are the beggars of the highest class. The others are all beggars.

I would say that the beggar of a road and a king sitting on the throne, both are beggars. They are constantly demanding something from outside.

The beggar on the road may be asking for money, food or income. The king may be asking for some kind of trivial things like victory, happiness or some other state.

Do you see, every person is begging for something?

Gautam Buddha only asked for begging for his food, for the rest of his things he was self-sufficient. All other people do not beg for just one thing, do not beg for their food, beg for all other things.

His whole life is only begging Only to earn food. But a spiritual person seeks begging only for food, earns all other things from within himself.

Whatever way you think you are better, stay in the same way. Whatever way you live in, you believe in a strong way, live in the same way.

Being spiritual means to be an emperor within himself This is the only way to be. Is there any other way to go? Will a person, consciously, chooses to be like this, where he needs to ask something or to any other thing?

He may have to ask for his pathetic, but will anyone choose to do so consciously? Will not every person want to be like that where he is 100 percent in himself? This does not mean that you have to become completely self-dependent.

Reciprocity is always there, but all things are present within you; You do not have to find out. You do not even need any companionship of a person.

being spiritual

If the other person needs it, then you can give it to him, but in itself, you do not need any person’s companionship. This means that you are no longer beggars from inside. For external things only, you may have to go out in the world. This is the ultimate liberation.

As we think, we become what we think. Whatever you think as the ultimate, your whole energy turns in that direction.

There are different kinds of people in society, there are different types of circles. The most important thing is to drink a special quantity in the baseboard.

They are always talking about who can drink more. That is why their whole life is in the same way.