शुगर का इलाज

१-लहसुन छिला हुआ 25 gm
२-अदरक  (ताज़ा) 50 gm
३-पुदीना fresh 50 gm
४-अनारदाना खट्टा 50 gm

इन चारों चीज़ों को पीस कर चटनी बना लें।
और सुबह, दोपहर और शाम को एक-एक चम्मच खा लें।
पुरानी से पुरानी शुगर, यहाँ तक कि शुगर की वजह से जिस मरीज़ के जिस्म के किसी हिस्से को काटने की सलाह भी दी गयी हो तब भी ये चटनी बहुत फायदेमंद इलाज है।
अगर हो सके तो इसे आगे भी फॉरवर्ड कर दें।
क्या पता किसी ज़रूरतमंद को वक़्त पर मिल जाये।

10 thoughts on “शुगर का इलाज”

  1. I would like to know scientific properties of the above listed ingredients which will help to combat diabetes and its evidence. Such messages reach huge masses and are followed blindly. Kindly give authentic information which can be genuinely used by the readers.

    RD Neha Kava

  2. Dear madam शुगर की दवा जो अदरक लहसुन पुदीना अनारदाना की चटनी कितने दिन खानी है .कितने दिन बाद शुगर चेक करनी है. फीज fridge में रख सकते है या नही. सविस्तर जानकारी दे मेहरबानी होगी.

  3. Thanks for your medicin first…
    I also want to know one think that can we add salt with ibid mentioned medicin (chutni) as well as want to know the way to eat, either saperately or with meal?
    Apart from that should it be stored in firdge?
    Solicit early reply.

  4. Ur remide is vry good mam..but what is d duration of taking this chutney…how much time it vil take to reciver diabeties???

  5. I call at sterline hospital,rajkot regarding this diabities treatment. They told that this is a fake news & no ditition is here named priti dave.

    pls confirm

  6. What is the use of large no. Of comments posted here.. not single message have got gunine reply..
    What abt “submit an article” and “share your skills”.. that means anybody can send such remedy articles which are practically not proven through clinically tested..
    Please think again..
    this is mass communication and than become mass follower.
    These unproven remedies were blindly shared on whatsapp too.

  7. Dear mam ,i want to know that, this ‘chatani ‘ works for only reduce body sugar level or it works on the body sugar maintaining system, Either sugar level is low or high.

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