Your Family at Dinner Table

Check every item that typically applies to you & your family when you eat together. Use the past two weeks as your time frame (One point each).

Positive influences:

  1. We enjoy being together & create happy mood.
  2. The atmosphere is relaxed
  3. The pace of eating is relaxed
  4. No one is rush to leave. We often linger at the table after we have finished eating.
  5. Appreciation is expressed to the cook.
  6. We say blessing over the food.
  7. We eat with relish.
  8. We realize as a family that healthy eating is enjoyable.
  9. We do not snack before or after food.
  10. Portion is moderate.
  11. We are open about eating habits.
  12. We pay full attention to the meal. The TV is not on in the background.

Rating yourself

8 to 12 points – Family Dynamic is healthy

3 to 7 points – You have good experience at dinner table


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