Yoga & dietary changes for immunity & wellness.

1)Both dietary changes and yoga practices should help. fried items, sugary, refined oil, vegetable (hydrogenated) fat and junk food should be completely stopped.

Lemon on empty stomach early morning,( warm water few glasses also helps)
after an hour fresh wheat grass juice,
again after one hour gap one type of fruits as first breakfast.
Similarly green salad, vegetable juices, sprouts for or prior to lunch,nuts intake should be the policy.

2)What can we hve for dinner ??? Avoid ..carbohydrates .
Avoid roti & rice .
Heavy meals
Fried off course big NO
Pappad :
Instead ..we can hve dal especially yellow dal dash of vegs ….veggiiee..salads

(Only if you do cardio or running then eat cabs instant energy.)

3)(Avoid while colour in diet like)
No whites ,”no curd ,no milk ,no white flour ,(maida)no sugar ,no much salt,no cheese ……
Instead eat loads of
Lots of sprouts black Channa , green dal and Alfalfa sprouts ,
Peanut sprout etc. very healthy…whenever hungry
Fill your stomach with dry or vegy bhel or corn popcorn better alternative .
4)Lots of dry fruits in cold season
(Avoid cashunuts and kishmis.)

5)Eat loads of fruits all before noon .
Avoid fruits with food .””””
Avoid fruit milkshake …
Avoid drinking water along with food
Minimum an hour or so

6)Do drinking lots of water.
Especially early morning
Start your morning with
(Warm water 4 glasses )

7)Lemon or lemon barley drinks without sugar
Or wheat grass or vegetable juices .

8)All simple bending asanas, more stress on mudras (Jeevha, Simha, Brahma), Pranayama (Anulom-vilom, Bhramari, Ujjaayi), Miditation like positive thinking, pran-urja dhyan, chakra dhyan, Soham)in meditative posture or Chaitanyasana. Indulging Yogic philosophy in life together will do miracle.

Changing The Face” Can Change Nothing.
But “Facing The Change”
Can Change Everything..!
Be Bold When You Loose, Be Calm When You Win..!!

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  1. Very good article. Explains the diet with timing during the day.
    We all need to make sure, we follow this as much as we can for healthy living.

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