The World Earth Day

The World Earth Day 2019

Annually on 22nd April, we celebrate World Earth Day with various events worldwide. For supporting the environment and for increasing the awareness for the environmental defense and care of our planet. The modern environmental protection motion considered as the birthday in the year 1970 dated 22 April. This Event took place in the US.

World Earth Day

On this day, the international space agency NASA celebrates World Earth Day. It is organizing a photo contest with hashtag #PictureEarth. The participants should take a picture of nature and post it on social media with the same hashtag. On 22nd April the blog of NASA will display the best picture.

Celebrate Everyday as Earth Day:

Every year there is a new theme for telling the message for saving our Earth. This year’s theme is “Protect our Species” to increase the awareness about the rising rate of extinction millions of species.

Human activity is the reason for species extinction. Actually, human activity connected with the excessive reduction of plant and wildlife populations. The climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking and poaching, unsustainable agriculture, pollution, and pesticides are also the reason for species extinction. Its impacts are reaching far.

World Earth Day

On Earth Day, more than one billion people around the world take part in activities. For making Earth Day as the most widely observed secular (non-religious) holiday of the world these activities are important.

Saving the Species:

Every Single species are having its own importance in the environment which contributes to the ecosystem.

Human activities such as hunting and other natural activities including environmental change are harmful to nature. In the 21st century, most of the species like Amur leopard, cross river Gorilla, three toed-Sloth, etc. Will disappear. These animals which we may be lost are in the list of endangered animals.

At the annual celebration of World Earth Day, we celebrate and honor our beautiful planet. This day gives a helpful reminder message for reviewing the impact on the environment and also re-commits to save our planet.

History of Earth Day:

The core idea was founded in 1969 for creating awareness about the environmental issues, which was first celebrated on 22nd April 1970. JOHN MCCONNEL and GAYLORD NELSON are the real founders of earth day. So, it has become a global celebration starting from 1990 till today with almost 200 million people and 141 countries.

Importance of Earth Day:

When we celebrate Earth Day it doesn’t matter. Actually, it is a message about our duty that we all share towards the environment and our earth. Our planet is in crisis because of global warming, overpopulation, and other environmental issues.

Each person on this earth must take responsibility. They can do as much as they can for preserving our earth natural resources for today and for the future.

On this World Earth day participate in saving our environment. For that, you have to plant trees, recycling of waste material and say no to plastic bags.

How to Save Our Earth:


World Earth Day

It has become very necessary to save the environment and making it better for future use.

Make a proper note of all the activities many people do. Also, accurately focus on all the effects like the negative as well as positive effects on the environment. Save our earth to make the people stop harming the environment.

There are lots of major problems of environmental degradation in the World. For saving the environment from its harmful effects these major problems must be removed.

Ozone Layer:

Ozone Layer is also a big problem of today, so the Ultra Violet rays of the Sun are depleted. Also Mixing Industrial Toxic things with the rivers is also another big issue which is resulting in Global Warming.

We have to take various steps to take care of the environment.

The steps include:

  1. Plant more trees
  2. Save the forest trees
  3. Use fewer vehicles for reducing air pollution
  4. Conserve energy by using only the necessary energy which people require must

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