Is World Awaiting Another Suffragette?

My heart bleeds every day as I go through the news, and I wonder! why are the women of India quite? Why are the women of the world quite? Why don’t they come forward and support each other, why do they like being at the disposal of men? Why can’t they express their free will?

The recent trial and conviction on a rape and murder case in India will be written in red bold letters as it tells the tale of courage, honesty, persistence, and belief in the feminine journey to liberate us from the shackles of patriarchy.

I am sure every right thinking women with self-respect whether rich or poor, influential or non-influential, significant or insignificant political, social or individual celebrated the victory of the two Sadhvi’s who fought against the politically supported goon, the fraud patriarch who raped women and justified it as purifying them. On one hand, he called himself “pitaji” such a sacred word “the father”, and on the other molested, threatened and raped his devotees, disciples his own daughters as he claimed.

Women in the deepest corner of their hearts celebrated the decision by Haryana high court, the verdict made us very proud of these brave women who didn’t buzz who stayed affirm on their statement, their decision and finally won the 15-year long battle, they not only stood for themselves or their bodies, them had the courage to speak for their right to exist and right to consent before sex.

The entire case once again strengthened our belief in the Indian judiciary the CBI, salute to the high court judge who served the country and the Constitution with honesty and fearlessness, the journalist Ramachandra Chattarpati who had the spine to fight at the cost of his life.

This incident of Gurmeet Singh the rapist being convicted clearly shows lack of political will in a fair trial, this criminal was not only protected by the state for 15 years but was also facilitated with VIP treatment despite being proven guilty. He was offered Augusta Westland private jet to travel, guest house instead of bars, before the administration was castigated, mineral water, an assistant in jail and also isn’t under compulsion to wear jail uniform, this also shows how rich criminals can mould the rules, but there’s hope my sisters there’s hope yet, Dim but there’s hope.