What is Learning Disability?

Dear all,

We are working for the children with Learning Disability through our trust “Dr. SHANTA VAIDYA MEMORIAL FOUNDATION—MAITRA”.  We have our office in Kothrud, Pune.

Dr. Amita Godbole (Chairperson & expert in informal education) Sheetal Deshpande (Treasurer & CA), Anaya Nisal (Psychologist), Aparna Dixit ((Remedial Teacher) & myself Kshipra Vaidya (Secretary & Remedial teacher) are our trustees.

This year we are working with 45 children in this category. Our approach is of complete ability enhancement. We are improving their academic skills through remedial sessions & working on their personality development through workshops. We conduct workshops for teachers & parents also because changing the attitude of adults is very important to take these children ahead.           

  What is Learning Disability?

Learning disability is a result of neurological condition. Children in this category have average to above average intelligence. They do not fall in the category of mentally challenged, slow learners, autism, cerebral palsy or any other physical handicap like hearing & visual impairment. They do not have any physical or intellectual disability.  This condition is popularly known as dyslexia.

Worldwide survey indicates that, 10% population fall in this category. In India this number appears very large due to our population.

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Major types of Learning Disability

1. Dyslexia— Difficulty in the use of languages.

2. Dysgraphia—Difficulty in writing

3. Dyscalculia—Difficulty in mathematics

4. Dyspraxia—Difficulty in overall coordination


Signs of Learning Disability

1. Delayed developmental milestones i.e. walks, speaks late.

2. Difficulty in understanding the directions.

3. Difficulty in understanding multiple instructions at a time.

4. Difficulty in understanding the sounds of letters.

5. Difficulty in reading, poor speed of reading.

6. Difficulty in spellings.

7. Difficulty in sentence formation.

8. Difficulty in math calculations.

9. Difficulty in remembering poems, songs & math tables.

10. Difficulty in understanding time, sequence & space.


We must remember that, this is the primary checklist & it must not be used as a diagnostic tool. We can observe these signs & symptoms in the children with other difficulties like mental retardation, slow learning etc. To ensure that, child falls in the category of Learning Disability it is very important to do the complete psychological assessment of the child from a trained psychologist.

REMEDIAL TEACHING is the solution for these children. BUT…. Early identification & early intervention plays very crucial role because our brain has plasticity & it can learn by different methods at young age.