What is your skin’s real age?


Your skin’s real age is the biological of your skin, based on how well you care for it.

Determining your skin’s real age is very simple!  Just answer these ten questions…..


If your answer is yes then go on adding or subtracting as recommended……

If your answer is no just ignore & move on to next question…..

At the end see your score and that is your skin’s age…..

If there is a lot difference in your and your skin’s age….try n reduce the difference…..

The idle situation is skin’s age is less than your actual age….

  • Your age               …..
  • Sun exposure        …..


Wear SPF cream / lotion daily                              -2

Used to tanning bed/ booth                                 +17

Spend more than 8 hours per

Week outdoor                                                              +8

Use of daily skin care products

Like cleanser, tonner, moisturizer                       -3

use age defying cream                                              -5

take proper intake of green

Veg/sprouts  3 servings                                          -4

natural nutrients/ fruits  3 servings                   -3

take additional antioxidants tablets                 -2

experience high stress                                            +3

sleep 7-8 hours per night                                       -3

exercise minimum 140 min per week               -2

live in metropolis city (pollution)                     +2

life style consume four or more

Beverage (800 ml) per week                                +3

smoke                                                                           +8
regularly exposed to passive smoke               +7


consume 8 or more glasses of water

(1.6 lit) per day                                                           -2
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