The Forgotten Hero: Tukaram Omble

Retired from the army, joined the police department so he could continue serving the people & his nation. Reporting to duty as per his routine, he didn’t know what the night had in store for him.

The city was under attack by men from across the border, who had ventured in through the sea. Killing anybody and everybody in their radar, they walked with pride holding their guns with no one to stop them.

After the havoc unleashed at CST, they went to kill innocent and sick people at a hospital, but couldn’t proceed. Outraged they open fire at the police vehicle killing the officers on the spot.

Seizing the car they fled to further unleash panic and kill people. Omble rushed to stop the mad-men, armed with a baton, radio & urge to save the people without thinking of the consequences.

His family of 4 daughters and a wife unaware of his ordeal.

Pouncing on the man when the car stopped, gripped on tight to his barrel he made sure no one was harmed.

A spray of bullets fired, but he didn’t let go of the weapon nor the man.

They caught him alive but couldn’t save the braveheart who sacrificed his life.

Tukaram Omble
Tukaram Omble

Today he rests in peace knowing his courage & sacrifice helped in saving hundreds of lives & he got the justice he deserved when the man was hanged for his crimes.

One of his daughters still continues to serve the nation, by becoming deputy collector of Palghar district – A Proud moment for the Father.