The Foolish King

The Foolish King Stories for kids

In a village lived a group of students. There was no food to eat. One day, a new teacher came he gave them food to eat. Whenever, the teacher asked about the king of the village the students laughed and said “what to say about the king that he is foolish and greedy hahahahahaaaa.” Listening that many times the teacher got frustrated he said to the students “we should change the village, we should not live in a village where the king is foolish” but no one listened to him he forced the children to leave that village. Finally, the students listened to the teacher accept Nandu, he said “I can’t leave the place where I get the food and a perfect place to live” everyone forced Nandu but he didn’t listened to anyone. They were tired forcing him, so they left him in that village and went to another village. Nandu had two work to do.

The Foolish King Stories for kids
1)      To sleep
2)      To eat
He ate a lot and lot and slept a lot  and lot so he became huge and fat. He became the hugest in the village.
One day, there was a robbery in the village the man which was caught had cried and said “I am not the one who robbed don’t whip me.”  He also knew that the king is foolish he said “It’s not my fault it’s my neighbor’s fault his dog shouts and barks and not letting me sleep so I robbed.” Then the king called the neighbor, the neighbor too cried and said “I am not the one who disturbed.” That man also do know that the king was foolish he said “it’s not my dog’s fault don’t whip us the fault is of the milkman’s he didn’t gave milk for a week so my dog didn’t sleep.” So the king called the milkman he also knew that the man also knew that the king is foolish he blamed a slime trim cobbler. Then the cobbler said “ I am such a slim and trim you should whip the hugest person as you know the king is foolish he called the hugest man who is Nandu. Nandu cried and said “what have I done? Why are you whipping me” but the king was foolish he said “you man don’t argue with me I am the king what I want you will do that.” Then suddenly a serious voice came that man was the teacher he said “today is a very lucky day those who will whip himself will be the richest in the world don’t whip him whip me”. As you know the king is foolish he believed in the teacher’s story he said “why should you be whipped I’ll whip me. ” So the servants listened to the orders to their master” the servants whipped and whipped. In that whipping the king broke his backbone. Nandu thanked the teacher and said sorry for not listening to the teacher. Nandu learned the lesson and king too learned his lesson.
Moral – always listen to your teacher and not to be foolish especially not to be greedy.

( The Author is 5th Standard Student )


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