The dilemma of a working woman

Working women Should I work ? When should I start ? What is the right time to leave my child all alone to take care of himself ?

Well these are some of the questions that a woman often faces when she thinks of working as a professional. This article and those that follow in the series make an attempt to answer the above questions, although subjectively.

With changing times, there has been a significant shift in the thinking of the society about a working woman. Earlier there was a general perception that the women should restrict themselves to the household chores. The women too did not mind as their level of education was also sub-standard.

But now, with the parents of our generation really focused on giving the best of education to their child whether girl or boy, there has been a dramatic shift in this perception. I am myself a Chartered Accountant and can surely recollect the huge efforts which have gone in to attain this degree.

So post marriage in our society one starts facing the dilemma as addressed in the subject of my article.

I am nomulti tasking womenw way past the initial years and in this sixth year, after having two kids, I have now decided to work, although on a part time basis. It takes a lot of courage to make that first step out of home, however when you do take that step, things shape their own way to success and betterment.

I certainly believe there are a lot of women who may not like to work for money, but for their own sense of satisfaction and self belief about their independence. The joy of doing something on your own can-not be measured in terms of money that we may earn.

One thing is for sure, that it brings out the best in you.

This was just a pre-cursor to the series that I have started.

In my next article I shall focus on the dilemmas and how to overcome them.


2 thoughts on “The dilemma of a working woman”

  1. good note. appreciate view
    i feel every one has right to live life in a way one feel.
    because of social commitments we have limitations
    at least once in week we should do this.
    to recharge ourselves

  2. Proper planning is required to be a multitasker.definitely we should do our job in which we are getting satisfaction,nice suman

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