Speak for self when the time comes.

This true incident happened to a young enthusiastic marketing executive of a fast moving consumer goods manufacturing firm.


Prasad (name changed) hails from an influential and renowned family of the area where he works. He has been having the zeal to fulfill the task and target, given to him from time to time by his superiors.

At the time of performance appraisal he was not considered for promotion whereas he was getting the incentive and hike in perks for achieving the target. When his subordinates were promoted to the next post in the hierarchy, he was dumbfounded and decided to approach the top management.

To his dismay he found out where he has been going wrong. His boss told him that the top management has been under the impression that as Prasad is from a well known family , he wouldn’t have put any extra efforts in achieving the target as his body language and actions were like a happy –go- lucky kind of person.

Others in his team have been addressing the difficulty and complexity they were facing in accomplishing their task to the higher ups at the company’s regular meetings, but  not once Prasad has opened up his mind though he too  has been facing similar problems. Prasad’s lay back attitude was enough for management to ignore him for promotion. His subordinates were successful in convincing the management about the hard work and efforts they have put for achieving the result.

Prasad realized his folly and cursed himself for taking things lightly and regretted for his carefree attitude. He felt he should have reported to the management at the appropriate time about the time and efforts he has taken for the task. Prashant ultimately changed the company for good and never looked back and has learnt a costly lesson- not to take things for granted.

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