Safe Delivery – No Pains

Sarita is three months pregnant; she arrived home in more cheerful mood, after attending ANC class at her obstetrician’s hospital.  How are you, her husband asked?


Oh! wonderful.  My doctor in ANC class explained the physiology of childbirth.  She also explained how “Pranayam” helps us during childbirth.  Most exciting fact I understood is, now pain during childbirth can be managed by Epidural technique.  In this the pain consultant introduces small tube in between two vertebras (spine) after anaesthetizing local site of introduction.  Through this he injects drugs for pain relief like local anaesthetics and opium like substances in a very small dose, which are harmless to mother and baby.  Pain consultant or trained nurse monitors parturient & any unwanted effect if at all they arise can be managed immediately.  Now I am relaxed, otherwise after seeing agony of childbirth with Pushpa I was scared of delivery.


Subodh could feel the underlying fear of Sarita but he was harboring wrong concepts regarding epidural, which he cleared with Sarita’s doctor.  Doctor explained the epidural technique in detail & now Subodh is convinced that epidural actually decrease chance of caesarian section.


Now, pain consultants inject minimum solution so pain is effectively blocked but muscle power is not lost that is why it is called as walking epidural.   Strong muscle power but no pain, allows parturient to bear down in labor pain more effectively.  This is the beauty of epidural, which has made epidural more popular.


Like Sarita, there are so many women who are scared of delivery pains.  So much so that some of them are hesitant to get pregnant.


Various methods for pain relief during delivery have been tried.  Queen Victoria was successfully administered chloroform during birth of her 8th child Leopold.  Later on, this journey of pain relief had turbulent course till the time walking epidural got introduced.


In developed countries more than 90% prurient opt for of pain relief during delivery.  It has been proved beyond doubt that epidural technique is safe and gives better outcome for mother as well as baby.




                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Surya  Panpalia


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