Perception Of Intelligence

Just a few days back, the results of 10th and 12th were declared and the reactions to:-

A student scoring 80 and above percentage – “Oh wow!”

A student scoring 85-90 percentage- “The child is smart and these marks show his/her intelligence.”

A student scoring 90-95 percentage- “Really awesome!” and

A student scoring 95-99 percentage- “These students are simply great and how much we appreciate is less for these people.”

Everyone judges a student’s personality according to the marks the student gains, thus respecting that student with the marks he or she obtains. By seeing all this, a question arose in my mind. Whether the person getting less than 80%, is he not a student to be respected? Or the person who fails in his exam is a dumbo?

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Thinking about the same, it struck to my mind there are three very popular and obvious personalities.

1) Sachin Tendulkar

2) Bill Gates

3) Arvind Kejriwal.

Sachin Tendulkar could not complete his 10th when he became a popular sportsperson. Sachin became popular through his skills in batting and his love for cricket. But there are many students who devote their life for sports, neglects studies but are not popular or could not reach to a mark where Sachin is today, then is that student a failure?

Same is the case with Bill Gates. He is not even a graduate yet a world known businessman in computer technology software firm. Was he a dumbo or the amount he earns made him great to be recognized?

Third is Arvind Kejriwal, an IITian. A man full with brains according to people’s perception, and people are ready to support whatever he says. He came into politics and failed into the administrative part, is he really a person to be followed just because he is an IIT student? We can say he is good at his work but may not have the leadership qualities needed for administration.

The above three examples were about the popular personalities known to people.

It really shocks me when people’s perception about intelligence matters with place that person lives in. We often hear people saying, “Wow, he is pursuing his engineering at Mumbai or Pune in so and so college!” What’s so big deal about it? Does anybody’s intelligence matters if the person studies at a college in a small town? But these are the perceptions. I would like to mention about Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar- studied on the street but marked his presence in the history of India by writing the “Constitution of India”.

Does really a place matters for an intelligent person? Yes. It’s true that opportunities come faster to the person staying in cities or we can say going abroad may bring you better opportunities, but the place has nothing to do with the intelligence level. This thought has died somewhere in the rush of competition. A person who has completed his studies at some small college in India and got a job in USA, can a person’s intelligence vary with time or place he lives in?

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The current perception of the Indian society

There is a saying that each person is different and each person has some unique qualities in-built. Some are gifted with sharp memory; they can remember things better than others, it has nothing to do with intelligence. It’s a god gift to the person which is used smartly by that person. Of course hard work cannot be overlooked in any cases. Each and everyone who wants to enhance his qualities have to work hard in any field; whether it is sports or studies, or business or arts. Accept it there is no shortcut to hard work.

I am tempting to quote another example of Ravan. Ravan was very intelligent, very learned person. He had so many qualities in him. People always say about him that he was much stronger and much intelligent than Ram was. But bad thought, lack of morality never made him the man of intelligence.

A housewife whether educated or not manages her home, does multitasking – she manages finances, kids smartly; handles daily problems, helps the kids to make marks in his or her life. She manages a home as good as a manager in any field does. Can we say that she is not intelligent enough?

An artist whether a dancer or writer, a singer or a painter may not have huge degrees, but can a painter like Leonardo da Vinci, who painted with both hands was lacking any intelligence?

Everyone’s thought, everybody’s perception about intelligence is different and they keep on measuring things according to their intelligence level. So be confident and make your own perceptions and believe in hard work whichever field you are in.

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  1. appreciate note.
    i feel do get aptitude test of every child is must (three idiot movie is example)
    swami vivekanand once said what ever you do you should be at the top in that field.

  2. All things are difficult before they become easy. There is no substitute for hard work. The concept of the article is really wonderful.

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