My son cleared his 10th board and we were just trying to figure out for college. We were thinking of options for which field he should opt for, as his main focus was sports so lets take admission in the college where he could play and study as well. Then selected college but when discussed with colleagues and friends they all started saying, oh that college it is of no use. It is very strict. Attendance  is compulsory. You must send him for some tuition classes and select such college which doesn’t need to be attended. I was bit surprised. Colleges are meant to be attended so why this discussion?
As normal parents even I tried to convince him for trying the JEE entrance for IIT colleges. Now classes for JEE. It was like a complete market. So many tuition  classes running in the city. At every nook and corner huge hoardings. It was confusing.
I thought I should go and understand things hence visited very popular classes in the city as wanted to give the best to my kid. It started with normal enquiry. I asked about the strength of class they replied with very proud feeling that near about 80-100 students in one class and near about 600 students have taken admission to their institute. And have affiliation with the college so that no need to attend the college and along with that complete facilities to drop and collect your kid from the college during their practicals which were supposed to be for two days a week. That raised my eyebrows. Students in this coaching  class will have to study for nearly 10-12 hours a day. This was like lot of hard work so out of curiosity i asked how many students cleared JEE advance. Now this was bit tough in spite  of giving simple answer he stared the explanation— near about 20 lakh students appear every year with the intention to get admissions in IIT colleges if not at least in NIT colleges. And seats are only 20000. In Our institute 16 students cleared JEE mains and 6 students cleared advance . This was just one percent.
Big question raised whether these 6 students had the inbuilt capabilities or was it because of these coaching classes????……..