“Why so much of craze for IIT engineering courses”

  Are the kids, or the parents who impose this on kids. Nearly 10-12hours kids study and take tuitions. Parents spend so much money and outcome is just 1%. Then thought prevailed, is it because of the tuitions or the kids had the capacity to crack IIT. If so then the students from navoday schools crack IIT engineering exams are nearly 10%. Students from this government schools who can’t even afford to pay the fat amount to the tuition classes crack JEE advance. That means if colleges work properly and students attend college every thing is possible.
  Going to big classes has become a status symbol for the parents. There is proud feeling that their kid is going to one of the best coaching  classes in the city. These two years with full of energy and hope that they have sent their kids in safe hands.whether the kid has the capacity or not.IIT
IIT engineers get large amount of salary, as soon as they complete their studies. This is the basic reason behind it and besides that a perception that those who crack IIT is the most brilliant kid in the world. And want their kids to see in that position. This is the reason why every parent rush to these tuition classes.
  Parents have no patience, when the kid is 2yrs of age they send them to kindergartens, so that the kids get acquainted to the atmosphere. In so tender age they are away from their parents and go to school. Now from 5th competitive exams, olympiads and what not. Then take IIT studies from 7th std. And as soon as they finish studies a proper job with handsome salary. Everything end to the materialistic thing. With so much of pressure on them. Are we not blocking their thought process?  Are we not imposing too much on the kids. We don’t interfere but we do talk about this so much or communicate our kid about our thoughts in daily process that these kids don’t want to dishearten their parents, and do as their parents want them to do. And how this process starts———–
  Beta I think if you do IIT will be good and safe. We are ready to spend. You can do it and you should try. Then its up to  you, can choose what you like but I feel you should do this. We impose things . We keep on talking about the things we like throughout our life and then we give freedom with full emotional control. I do not say that parents don’t think for their loved ones but the problem is they think more which is harmful as well.
  We don’t groom our kids. We want machines. If that proper liberty of thought is given or if we motivate our kids to the area they like to be. Then so many options get opened. There are so many people whose qualifications are no where but are doing so well in their respective fields and has capacities to have IITians as their employees.
  Brains can’t  be mapped with the educational qualifications. This is known to every person, still nobody wants to change the system or break it. We are loosing  childhood of the kids. Want our kids to only study and do other curricular activities otherwise will loose the unseen opportunity. I never understood what this opportunity means to the parents. Kids wants to get away of their parents as early as possible. Continuous nagging behind kids has grown so much that kids don’t want to stay with the parents. They look opportunities away from the parents. Just go back in life and see what all naughty things we did yet we are doing good with our job and income. Our kids will also do, have faith and give space.