I found my silver lining!

                     I FOUND MY SILVER LINING!!                 



Nurturing a positive attitude is like nurturing a protective shield in your life!

This shield, if used well and at the right time, shall protect you from all the stress and tension in your life!!

It is not possible to not get affected by bad situations, failures in your life, but it is surely possible to look at things from a fresh and positive perspective.

One can try and find some good from all the troubles one is going through by just altering his/her outlook. In simple words always look for a ‘silver lining in every dark cloud’ you come across.

Begin your change of attitude by a little “self pep talk”. Keep telling yourself that there will be a reason hidden somewhere, because if something is not going the way you have planned it…it’s going the way the Almighty has it planned for you!!

Another important aspect of taking things positively is to never compare your situation with others. If all the people in the world threw all their problems in a pile, you’ll surely want to take back yours! Never look at what others have achieved; you never know what they might have lost in their journeys!

A simple personal example: one morning I woke up with a really bad hair day. I have curly and frizzy hair, so I guess you know what I mean when I say bad hair day!! I tried everything from tying a ponytail to covering it with a scarf, but in vain. Grumpily I stepped out of the house and waited for my bus at the bus stop. All through the way and even in the bus, I felt everybody staring at my weird hairdo, the only thing remaining was for me to burst out crying muttering curses to God for not giving me straight and silky hair which looks perfect! Suddenly almost miraculously, my eyes fell on a hoarding which had a bald girl child smiling at me! It was an advertisement for an awareness drive related to cancer patients! I was dumbstruck for a few seconds, till I realised this time with tears of joy in my eyes muttering thankfully to God for atleast having given me “hair”!! And not just hair, the Almighty has been kind to me and given me good health and a loving family!! How could I complain for such petty things!!

That day was a game changer for my attitude and ‘I found my silver lining’……Hoping you too will find yours someday!!





2 thoughts on “I found my silver lining!”

  1. Truly, when we look around a, we find a lot of things to be thankful for. God has bestowed us with so many bounties that is difficult to keep track. I remember my mother telling us – when we were kids ” it is easier to remember the negativities in life because they are so few in number, whereas the positives are innumerable which we find difficult to remember”.
    Reminds me of a saying ” I cried because I had no shoes, until I saw a man without feet”.

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