Good Friday: He Sacrifices himself for us

Good Friday

India is a country in which every kind of people lives. Everyone has equal rights in the constitution. People of every caste celebrate their festival with their own method.

Good Friday and Easter are very important festivals, the people of the Christian race. With this, Good-Friday is made on Friday and Easter Sunday, which is one of the very sacred Friday and Sundays for Christian society.

A day when Jesus Christ presented the example of selfless love for his devotees. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life while facing opposition and suffering, the day of giving knowledge and wisdom to walk on the path of humanity through the worship and words of Good Friday.

History of Good Friday:

Good Friday, it is a day when the tragedy of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and burial took place. It is said that Jesus, made great hardships fasts and sacrificed himself. Therefore, today people follow him and remember his sacrifice, and keep fast for them.

Everybody’s expressing their gratitude towards God is different. Until this day, the Christian follower is fasting for 40 days, so someone is praying only on Friday with fasting. The day of execution of the words of the Lord Jesus this day.

It is a big irony that even today, many people are unaware of good Friday and its importance. One of the reasons for this may be that it is called Good Friday, but it was the most tragic day when the Lord Jesus was crucified and he died.

The significance of this day is to remember the tortures given to the Lord Jesus and to carry out his words.

Fasting in the religion-science was not as important as reality, I fast on Friday instead of fasting forty days. Prayer is necessary with fast, I take special care of this. Ironically, many people congratulate us on Good Friday while this is unfair.

Good Friday is a kind of mourning day, it is celebrated in the church on the third afternoon because Jesus died around three o’clock. It is celebrated for three hours, they are remembered by praying for God.


What to do on Good Friday:

Jesus was crucified for the sake of humanity. This day is a part of the Paschal Triduum. The importance of Good Friday is the same, this sacrifice of God, Jesus is kept in mind, and in their memory, the methods sometimes change slightly in the church.

Candles go on wearing black clothes, candles are not burnt on this day.

Everyone remembers God, according to their own way. Some pray reads a book of God. In other words, people dedicate this day to God by doing something spiritually.

On this day Jesus was crucified. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, this day we say it ‘Good’. In the globalization phase, Good Friday did not get publicity as Christmas  because this day is not glamorous

Similarly, easter is the foundation of Christians. There was a resurrection of the Lord Jesus on this day.


Easter Festival:

The history of Easter is very old. Basically, this festival is to celebrate in the spring.  Initially, St. Bead celebrated this festival in the eighth century.

As the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ is on this day we celebrate it in the form of happiness.

Easter is a Pagan or Pagan festival, which we celebrate on the first Sunday (Sunday) of spring, along with the spring season.

The main symbol of Easter is an egg. At present, Easter is a symbol of progress, new rejuvenation, new celebration, rebirth, renewal, and people living on earth, and every single creature.

Celebration of Good Friday and Easter in the World:

Good Friday and Easter are celebrated all over the world, not only in India. This celebration has continued since the British period, before independence. If seen, Christian people in India, only two percent of the total population were at that time.

Wherever in India mainly Mumbai, Goa and all over India where most Christian people reside. Here they decorate the church especially

On the occasion of Easter and Good Friday, people go to church and in addition, they pray, sing, dance, and arrange events. Everyone specializes in giving gifts, flowers, cards, chocolates, cakes to each other.

From morning to evening the party runs in Easter, which has a traditional popular lunch-dinner.

Thus, in other countries like India, the celebration of Good Friday and Easter is also accompanied by great enthusiasm.

And in all the major countries of the world like Australia, Brazil, Italy, England, and Germany, where Christian society is building Good Friday and Easter.

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