Environment, Peace, Education, Nutrition & Health: Swami Vivekananda Fruit-trees Expansion Mission.

Our School Systems impart us the knowledge of diverse aspects pertaining to sciences, economics, business, arts etc. However there is no systematic inclusive & participatory activity that would orient the children, students, towards collective action for societal benefit in a broad sense without any selfish motive. Furthermore, patience, perseverance and action-orientation towards common societal benefits are difficult to blossom & bloom in a highly competitive environs. Sages & social reformists alike strove through their teachings & preaching to bring people towards the efforts for common societal benefits with significant improvements in societies. A lot needs be done to further their efforts.

In sports the notion is to “catch them young”; in promoting the collective efforts towards common societal benefits similar efforts are needed. This can be helped by the implementation of Swami Vivekananda Fruits-Trees Expansion Mission.

Trees bearing edible fruits existed since much before the advent of mankind. Mankind modified just a few things trying to extract more benefits. We don’t find the fruit-bearing trees in the wild because we grow them, harvest fruits and dump the seeds onto the garbage dumps where seeds simply rot and do not get a chance to unfold their potential developing into a living tree. The trees which do not produce edible fruits for mankind are so often found in the wild precisely because humans do not interfere with the natural process of their reproduction. In the wild these trees grow, attain great height and continually reproduce creating forests of one group of trees. By wasting the fruit-seeds mankind harms its own interests as natural selection is not allowed to play a part in their growth and development, thereby thwarting the development of hardier, sturdier species. Monoclonal susceptible plants may be in danger of getting destroyed by pest attacks, hence allowing the fruit seeds grow in the wild, under the care of mother-nature is reasonable option beneficial for horticulture, the mankind & inexpensive too.

Only the minimum suggested, people are most welcome to do more, like growing saplings & subsequently planting, but distributing the fruits free of cost to everyone & requesting seeds be preserved for future utilization. The distribution of fruits must be wide & free, very much in the schools participating. Older students may be involved in the plucking activity as well. The mass scale implementation would yield best results. If adopted universally it would be biggest ever fruit seeds dispersal program in the history of mankind & help the collective wisdom of mankind manifest & unfold itself.

 Instead of Nuclear M.A.D. doctrine, we should strive for Social M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Development) doctrine.

Together can we all make this earth a better & better place for everyone to live upon!

Dr. Hemant M. Wagh, M.D. (Psychiatry), D.P.M.; 158, Shivajinagar, Nagpur 440010. India. Tele. +91 9422110340; +91 712 2248830.

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