Festival of Eid-Ul-Fitr 2019

India is the only country in which many religions live together.

Just as the famous festival of Hindus is Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, there are two famous festivals of Muslims, one of which is called Eid or Idul Fitr and the other is called Idujjah or Bakraid.

These festivals are fond of love and brotherhood. Muslims celebrate these festivals with full enthusiasm. The festival of Eid al-Fitr comes after keeping a month’s bread. The waiting for the Eid remains to every person. Eid’s moon brings humility and brotherhood message to everyone.

The night Moon is not just a place of joy, people buy clothes and shoes, etc. Overnight. However, the preparations for the Eid are started almost a month ago. People dress up new clothes, decorate houses, but as they come near the day of watching the moon of the moon, Muslims are very excited, they keep roasting and read ‘Taravih’ with the prayers of five times, All these teachings are collectively doing.

The end of Ramadan brings joy to the festival of Eid. On this day people wear new clothes in the morning by offering mass prayers of Fajir. ‘Other’ is also applied on new clothes and cap pressed on the head, then people go to Idgah or Jama Masjid reading ‘Praying’ from their homes.

After reading Namaz, they meet each other and give Eid congratulations.

Especially, On this day shops and markets are decorated like a bride. According to their economic strength, every Muslim buys toys for children. Also, People distribute sweets in friends and relatives.

The most important things of the day of Eid are Siyyaya and Shear. When people go to each other’s homes to give best wishes to Eid, their happiness is expressed by ‘Shir’ or ‘Siyyya’. About two months after ‘Eid al-Fitr’, a festival of ‘Iduzhuha’ arrives. On the day of this festival, ‘Praying is done’ in the morning like in the morning, and then coming home and sacrificing goats according to its strength is the Sunnah of Prophet Abraham.

On this festive occasion, the Muslim brothers welcomed each other and greeted them with the head and sweets. And with the glee, they pray for each other’s success. The festival of Eid teaches us that we should follow the path shown by Muhammad Sahib and not follow any of his teachings and discriminate with any person.

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