Falhari Ragda Petis

-boiled potatoes 1kg
bottle guard/lauki1/2kg
carrot1falhari ragda petis
cumin seeds1tablespoon
black pepper powder1tablespoon
salt to taste
groundnut oil
for decorations green chilly chutney,chopped mango,coriander,boiled/roasted groundnuts,haldiram falhari red chhiwda
pill off the boiled potatoes.smash it properly.add salt,black pepper powder,make smooth dough.put a little oil on palm and make petis shape.then shadow fry all the tikkis.
for ragda-
pill off the bottleguard,carrot cut it in small pieces and boiled it to make smooth paste.add some cumin seeds and tomato at the time of grinding.put 3tablespoon of oil in pan..on heating add cumin seeds curry leaves and chopped tomatoes..then add red chiily powder,salt,black pepper powder.then add smooth paste of bottle guard and carrot….stirr it continuously…add 2cup of hot water to make gravy.
put 3petis in a plate.pour gravy on it.decorate the dish with green chutny,turmrrind chutny,coriander leaved,mango,tomato,chiwda…and ready to serve