Dilemma of an Indian minister!

During the election time leaders irrespective of the party they represent give promises to the voters to garner as much votes as possible. In the public rallies if the audience is a mixed one with different profiles and different expectations, the leader will have to make a choice.  He will have to choose between presenting either the absolute basics- which everyone will understand- or advanced ideas which will be understood by only a section of the audience, leaving the others behind.

There is a joke about the Minister who had to appeal to all sections in order to get votes! If he increased sugar prices, the poor sections would protest. If he did not, the sugar producers would not get a sufficient return and would not grow sugar anymore- thus anyway leading to a shortage and increased prices! If he forced the sugar producers to keep a quota for the poorer sections through the ration shops, the shops would hoard sugar and wait for the prices to increase before selling! If the minister imported sugar, the Nationalist sections would criticise him for wasting foreign exchange and being anti- Indian. In the end, he decided to increase sugar prices and to give a separate sugar subsidy to the poorer sections! Of course, promptly, this subsidy was cornered by the black market elements and passed on with a profit to those who could afford to buy them! Look where he started and where he ended up!


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  1. Well, there is a better idea. Like how ration shop kerosene is blue in color, and no one who is not ration dependent wont buy it/use it, we should sell saffron colored sugar (when BJP is in power) and in small 10 gram sachets (like one-time use shampoo). Very difficult to black market because of the color, and to rip open a 100 packets for get 1kg sugar is waste of time. Also, 100 packets may yield only 900 grams, so not cost effective either. Also make sugar very coarse so they melt if left open for a day…. impossible to black market.

    This will make the black marketer bring the sugar back and donate it for free, and poor people wont even buy it from ration shops!

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