Dady’s Little Doll!

When I was born,

everyone was happy;

but someone was happier,

and it was you daddy..!!


I was your darling,

I had to be..!!

I was lovable and stunning..

I got that from you-obviously..!!

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I would trouble mom all day,

and puke when she fed me;

but when in your lap I lay,

all restlessness vanished from me..!


I would not sleep easily,

and mom would give up end of the day;

but you would stalk all night with me in your arms,

without a frown on your face..!



When I grew up, u taught me

To be systematic and excel in studies;

I wonder if I would’ve even cleared 10th grade,

If you wouldn’t have made me parade..?!


I was always impatient and fussy,

about food especially;

you made me learn patience,

And it helps me wen I’m not ready..

(as in ready to take a decision)

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Today when I get compliments,

for any good quality in me;

the credit goes to you daddy,

for grooming all the talents in me..!!



As a grown up girl,

to you I’m very grateful;

For loving me incessantly all along,

and making my life beautiful..!!



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