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Why Indian Students Are More Stressed?

In India, it is a common practice to follow the trend rather than creating a trend. This is the country where one’s success is decided by his income and it doesn’t matter if you are happy in your life or not. It is assumed that if you are earning handsomely then you definitely are happy.

Well that’s how our society works and who is responsible for that?

Students? How are they responsible when they don’t even have a proper guidance about their career?

Parents? No, they are as new as students as the trend and market keeps on changing and only few of them are aware of the new opportunities in market.

Indian Society? Yes, in one sense or the other our society is very much responsible for stressing out students.

Education System? Well, what can I say?

We are following the system of 90’s and that system is not upgraded since then. When all the developed countries upgrade their system every 10 years or so, while in our Indian Education System only some chapters are added or deleted and rest is all the same. Neither the syllabus changes nor the pattern of teaching.

“The part of life when we are students is said to be the most carefree part of life. Why? Because they don’t have to worry about anything other than studies.”

But the people don’t understand that the social pressure, parent’s pressure also can make a student stressed out of life which sometimes result in taking a very drastic decision. SUICIDE.

Today, students are getting judged by the marks they score in the examination. But they should not get pressurized about the marks they gain in exams. As these marks are not the only measuring tool of intelligence in the outer world.

As our education system is built, the marks in exam only tell you that how much you can keep in your mind for a day and how much can you write in 3 hours and how long answers you can write.

Nowadays, the competition is so tough, that parents also get involved in it. They push their children to their limit by sending them to tuition or extra-curricular classes which spoils their childhood.

Because after attending school and these classes, they don’t get any time to go for any type of creativity.

Parents should know that the best way to educate the child is by letting him/ her interact with the environment. This will not only increase their potential but also their creativeness.

Once they pass their high school they get very few options to explore.

Engineering. Doctor. Commerce.

Despite their interest in various other fields like Photography, Modeling, Acting, Fashion Designing, and lot more. These fields are not given too much importance in our society and hence they take a back seat.

Result? Lack of quality of students who pursue engineering, doctors and commerce.

Now it’s a high time. Our society should change and we should stop producing robots and start creating inventive minds. This will not only reduce the suicide rates but will also help in developing the nation.

If you are a student with the same stress in your life then please don’t worry about it. Even if you pass your exam with average marks you will get a good job. Once you enter the real world you will find various opportunities other than Engineering and MBBS.

And to parents and the society, it’s my humble request to stop stressing your child by comparing with other. Everyone is unique in their own way and everyone will pass their exam of life with distinction with their own will.

Thank you!

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  1. Very true!being a mother of two school going children this article means a lot to me.since long my thought get involved regarding such matters n now eagerly want a a meaningful change so that our future can be secured. Can’t see innocent beings misguided this way.

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