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What I Expect From My Parents…

A few months ago I asked these two questions to my students

Ten things you want your parents to stop doing and Five things you want your parents to start doing

I got some interesting responses

Things I want my parents to stop doing:

—Stop comparing my life with your childhood. Things were really different back then, so stop comparing.

—Stop using these words and phrases: use your brain, are you deaf? Can’t you see? Useless, careless, good for nothing….etc….

—stop showing off my skills. I don’t want to dance in front of your friends. I don’t like to do that. Why do you force me to sing/ dance or show my artwork to our relatives or friends?

—Can you speak softly? I’m tired to hear you shout, every day, every single moment.

Things I want my parents to start doing:

—Smile, please… I don’t remember when was the last time my mom smiled. She usually carries a frown on her face. That look irritates me.

—Appreciate. I know I’m not good at all things, but many things only I can do, no one else can. So a little bit appreciation is good.

—Hug me, I see how my mom hugs my 5-year-old sister, but when I run to hug her…she immediately says, “Later, first do you work” huh!

—Play with me. I love to play with my friends, but playing with mom dad is fun! If only they had time to play…

—Tell me a story. I’d love to listen to their childhood tales, especially about their mistakes, failures, and mischief. But my parents always keep telling about all their achievements. It makes me scared. What if I can’t achieve success the way they achieved….?

—Keep that WhatsApp aside. Talk to me, mom & dad.

—Can I sleep in your bedroom at least once a month? I love cuddling you guys.

So parents, wondering what to gift your child this holiday season, here’s your list. Be present for your children and make parenting engaging and fulfilling.


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