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The Kids Stories


1.The Greedy and Stupid Farmer

    Once there was a farmer he had a goose that laid a golden egg each day for him.

The egg provided enough money for the farmer and his wife daily requirements. The farmer and his wife were very happy because of the gold they were getting every day. However, the days were passing.

Someday in the future, the farmer got a stupid idea and thought, “Why should I take only 1 egg every day? Why can’t I have all of them right away and get loads of money?”

The foolish farmer’s wife conjointly agreed and decided to cut the goose’s abdomen for the eggs. As shortly and cruelly, they killed the bird and opened the goose’s abdomen, to seek for a lot of eggs, they found out nothing but the guts and blood. The farmer, realizing his foolish silly mistake and cries over the lost resource!

      Moral of the story: – Always think before you act.



2.The Miser and His Gold

Once upon a time, there was an old miser. The miser lived in a house in a garden. He always hides Gold Coins under some stones in the garden. Before going to bed, the miser went to that secret place where he hides the gold and counts the coins every day. He continued this routine daily but never spends a single gold that he saved.

Once, there was a thief who knew the old miser’s routine of gold coins. One day he waited for the old man to go back into the house. At the midnight thief went to the hiding place rob all the gold with him.

The next day, the miser found that the gold was missing from the place and he started crying loudly. The neighbour heard the miser’s cries and came to enquire “what has happened”? On knowing what happened, the neighbour asked “why didn’t you save your gold inside the house? It would have really easy to get the money whenever you want to buy something from it”.

“What buy”? “The miser said. I never spent a single gold to buy anything. I was never going to spend it”.

On hearing this stupid sentence from the miser, the neighbour threw a stone into that secret place and said, “If in that case, you should save the stone instead of gold. It a worthless as the gold you lost”.

Moral of the story: – The Importance of things, is when it is been used.

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