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Role of Father in Teen’s Life

Good relationships between dads and teenagers are about dad being around and being involved. These kinds of relationships can boost teenagers’ self-esteem.

Research shows that teenage girls whose dads are warm and supportive report higher levels of self-esteem than peers.

Loving and attentive fathering has also been linked to fewer symptoms of depression in teenagers.

Research shows that dads being involved can help teenage boys stay out of trouble too.

Dads can find new ways to bond with their children in the teenage years.

1.Leisure Activities Together

Watching movies, sport or getting out for exercise.

2. Just Be There

Teens should have that confidence that their father is with them whenever they need him. Your priority should be your teen whenever he comes to seek your help or advise and if you are busy that moment, assure them you will be there once free. And then make sure you give them the needed time.

3 . Tell Your Teen Stories

family time

Children are never too old for a story. It can be about famous explorers, your own travel stories, tales of your life before you met your partner, great moments in sport, or anything else that’ll catch your teen’s interest.

4. Convey To Your Teen You Love Him Or Her

we dare family timeTeenagers are never too old for a hug, even if they roll their eyes and say, ‘You’re so embarrassing, Dad!’ If physical affection isn’t your thing, there are other ways you can show love. Doing everyday things for your child is one.

Be active. Go for a bike ride, play basketball or even just walk to the shops together.
If your teen isn’t so much into sport, try a board game or the quiz in the Saturday paper.

Share a hobby, something you both like, but a shared hobby – such as cooking, yoga or fixing bikes – can be a great way to have fun and build your relationship.

5. Let Your Teen Be The Expert

Get your teen to show you how to do something that you know less about than she does, even if it’s the latest computer game. This is a great way for teenagers to build confidence and mentoring skills.

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