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Reasons why men should fast too on Karwa Chauth

We all know the rituals of Karwa Chauth where women keeps a fast for the whole day. They cannot eat anything or even drink a drop of water till the moon arises. All this efforts just for the long-life of their spouses. 

So, Dear men, if your partner can take so much efforts for you. They wake up early in the morning, do all the household chores, go to work, doesn’t eat anything the whole day, come back and again perform all the rituals.

Don’t you think its time to return the favor and that’s why men should fast too?

Here are some reasons why men should keep fast on this Karwa Chauth:

1. Even you want your spouse to live long.. Right?

All the efforts taken by her are for your long life. So, you surely dont want to miss the opportunity to show her how much you care by keeping the fast.

2. Give a break to that junk food for a day!!

Please note that you will not die if you will not eat junk food for a day. It is actually healthy.

3. No better way to show your Love for her.

Do something just one day for her and she will cherish it forever. Who will know this better than you. Right!

4. Better way to understand how difficult it is. 

Imagine! Not having a drop of water or piece of grain the whole day. Then you will get to know, that struggle is real.  

5. Gender Equality, Heard of that?

We live in 2018 where we talk a lot about Gender Equality. Don’t you think its time to prove it.

6. All your female friends and Colleague will want a husband like you. 

When your female Co- workers and female friends get to know that you keep fast for your wife. you will become there favorite already. Trust me!

7.  She dont need to cook for you. So extra work for her.

When you both are keeping fast for a day. So there will be no need to cook food at home (if there are only two person at house). That means less work for her. 

8. At the end, the grin on her face will be worth it all! 

Last but definitely not the least. That big smile on her face will make you forget all the trouble you have gone through the day. 

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