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Plastic Bags: A Boon or a Bane

Plastic bags have helped mankind accomplish what the other products couldn’t. It has helped us in transporting and reusing goods and not just re-use, re-reuse. Imagine, suddenly you get milk in glass bottles instead of the normal packets. This would increase the cost of milk because its pre-production cost would increase. Furthermore, these glasses once broken would result in wastage and cannot be used again.

Plastic bags play great importance in many people’s life and in organizations as well.

Knowing the plastic’s ability to carry, it has made easier to carry many products be it, liquids like juice, water or solids like pen paper sheets, food items etc. These bags are strong and sturdy.

These bags have surpassed paper bags and cloth bags in terms of water resistance, weight and re-use ability.

They don’t break easily up to a limit. Manufacturing paper bags, can consume up to 4 times more water, emits more greenhouse gases than plastic bags and that’s why plastic bags are more economical than any other bag.

It is hard to believe that we have created monster for ourselves. Plastic can be as dangerous as poison. Plastic is highly responsible for creating and increasing land, soil and air pollution. Burning plastic emits harmful gases. Plastic bags have managed to kill us as well as animals. The plastic could be consumed by animals or humans by any means which creates suffocation in the wind pipe resulting in choking and immediate death.

 Why using bags less than 40 microns are not suitable for the environment:

  • They are non-biodegradable.
  • They cannot be recycled. Hence, even rag pickers don’t pick these bags. As a result, they are found lying as trash along the road side and get carried away by wind and eventually get entrapped under layer of soil which hampers the water absorption of the soil. Moreover it contaminates the soil.
  • This would further affect the growth of plants.
  • These bags are weak and cannot carry weight exceeding 6 kgs. They are non-biodegradable as well. They can take up to 1000 years to decompose.


These bags have the capability to be revamped and used as sticking agents in various places. It can be used for storing items which are not of frequent use. The bags can be cut into shape of hand gloves to use it in kitchen. We can also keep some info cards or any other instruction card to keep them intact. We can shred plastic to use it as cushion. Another solution is, carrying your own bag from home.

Using cotton bags

  1.  Cotton bags are environment- friendly and can carry heavy weight as well are suitable for daily use.
  2. They can be used over a larger span of time.
  3. They are bio-degradable as well.

Of course, they have their own limitations as well for example, once these bags get wet, there are higher possibilities that the contents inside the bag get spoiled.

Therefore, when it gets really mandatory to use a plastic bag, the 40 micron bags come to the rescue.


Using bags more than 40 microns

  1. These bags are relatively eco-friendly since they are much stronger than the 20 micron bags.
  2. These bags are not capable of getting entrapped under the soil.
  3. They don’t break easily and can be re-used several times.



Plastic bags  should not be completely banned but used, as and when required in certain situation where it cannot be substituted with any other bag. Knowing the plastic’s ability to carry, plastic bags having more than 40 microns must be allowed. But people must also keep in mind to ‘Reduce’ the use of plastic bags, ‘Refuse’ plastic bags when you have your own bag, ‘Reuse’ the plastic bags when possible. Plastic bag is a boon and a bane created by humans. ‘Recycle’ what you cannot reduce, refuse or reuse, if possible.

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