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Parenting Teens

Parenting is not easy, and parenting teens bring about an entirely new set of challenges.

A new study suggests parents who want their teenagers to keep up with their good grades will have better success if they focus more on rewarding good behavior and less on threatening to punish the mistakes and bad behaviour.

Adolescents focus well on positive incentives but have difficulty staying motivated to avoid penalties.

The rewards need not be MONETARY. They can be –

1. Speaking kind words – thank you, I am proud of you etc.

2. A Hug

3. Inviting their friends to a favourite movie or night stay.

4. Allowing them some extra time to play computer games or outdoor.

5. Preparing their favorite meal or taking them out for dinner at their favourite place.

Family enjoying meal at home

So next time you want something to be done by your teen, rather than threatening them on not doing a required task, encourage them to do it in order to get the incentive.



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