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Nurturing Brain Development

Children’s brain has a massive growth spurt when they are young. It reaches adult size at 5 to 6 years.

But the brain undergoes complete remodeling in adolescent age.

We all know about hormonal changes in adolescence but there are changes in the brain which are not much known to us.

The remodeling of the brain starts from BACK TO FRONT.
So the PREFRONTAL CORTEX (decision making part) is remodeled last.

This part is responsible for decision making, planning, thinking about consequences of actions and controlling impulses.

So next time your teen is acting impulsively or is getting irritated or not able to decide something or doing some risky behaviour without bothering about its consequences, remember his prefrontal cortex is not developed, so handle the situation sensibly as you have a well-developed cortex.

EMPATHISE with them.

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