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Mompreneurs: When Moms become Entrepreneurs

Yesterday, when our car had stopped at the signal, a lady with old ragged clothes and all uncombed fuzzy hair tapped my window. I opened the window and she had drawing books in her hand. She requested me to buy at least one of them. I asked her how much it would cost and without bargaining, I bought two of her books. My 16-year-old son laughed and said, “Hey! Mom, I am a grown up now, it’s not for my age to draw and paint mickey mouse.” I smiled and said, ” No son, I haven’t bought it for you.” He asked “then?”. I replied, ” I bought this for that little hungry baby who was tied to that poor lady’s back.”

I remembered the incident and realized how a mother is so strong that she can sustain in every condition though toughest ones. A woman when becomes a mother she immediately changes her status from helpless weak lady to strong stubborn mom. So, this ability makes her the best entrepreneur…. you can say Mompreneur.

Mompreneurs life

Mompreneurs are the best managers. They know how to carve out focus time for themselves and get a lot done in those cherished hours. She is habitual in the management of multitasking. When she cooks food, at the same time she can do many other tasks within an hour. She definitely can be a good manager in the office as well.

Moms always motivate her kids even in small failures. She is the best motivator and also has the ability to work under constant pressure. I read in a magazine about Nathan Harris, founder of Ease shared that many of his skills he applies in business are the tactics that he’s learned from his mother.

I saw many young married women working in BPO and IT companies after delivering a child start their jobs within two or three months. Isn’t it incredible? I wonder where they so much energy from. They must be superwomen.

Once My eyes filled with tears when I saw a woman singing in ‘Britain’s got talent’ a famous show, with a baby girl sleeping calmly in her arms peacefully with a secure feeling on her face.

Becoming a mother has actually made them a better boss, a better business owner, creative, acrobats, innovative and the best entrepreneur. Mompreneur is the best negotiator as she knows in everyday life how to even buy ladyfinger at the cheapest price by negotiating with the vegetable seller.

Mompreneur can work calmly under pressure, she never gives up, she can sustain in every situation, her motherhood is the biggest strength in her life as well as in the entrepreneur world which makes her rough and tough even in the worst situations.

It’s now time to take the first step and go ahead to accomplish your dream.

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