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How to write better Articles

A lot of people have been asking me for some tips on how to write better articles. Please voice your opinions on what you think maters while writing an article.


  1. think writing article becomes easy when We observe our surrounding closely . feel deeply about the issue which makes us write better

  2. 1) A good article starts with an introduction to the topic.
    2) Unrelated topics or a deviation from the main article should be written in different paragraphs.
    3) Make sure its not just words, put some images in there
    4) Should not be too long or too short

  3. I write my articles in a paper first, and then review it, give it to friends. After they scrutinize it, only then do I publish it online.

  4. I believe, a great article requires a great thinking process, and the ability to view the world in a poetic manner

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