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How To Help Teenage Kids Deal With Stress

A survey by American Psychological Association revealed that teenagers are more stressed than adults which is quite alarming for us.

They have stress related to academics, other activities, parental pressure, social stress, stress due to family problems, peer pressure, body image issues etc. Actually, there is no point in stressing about the “stress” that your teenage child undergoes. Help your boy or girl deal with the stress with these simple solutions.

1. Sleep

Between schoolwork, social life, and home, adolescents have little time to get proper sleep. They tend to stay up late at night and get out of the house very early. Relaxation is necessary to de-stress. A full night’s sleep can help your teenager deal with stress better. Short naps in between tasks can also reduce the stress.

2. Physical Activity

Physical activity is one of the best stress relievers in teenagers. Encourage your children to exercise or take up a sport to keep their body and the mind healthy.

3. Healthy Diet

A balanced diet that includes a good intake of fruits, vegetables, and dairy and protein foods keeps your teen healthy. When your teen is stressed, they tend to eat junk foods such as pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream. Replace these with healthy options.

4. Support From Parents

Teenagers can be difficult to handle as it is. They become worse when they are stressed out. Getting angry with them and punishing them for their behavior when they are stressed is not going to help. If you want to help your teenager deal better with stress, you need to be there for them and support them through it, and not make it more difficult for them.

5. Focus On Positives

When we are stressed out, it is easy to focus on what is going wrong. We tend to worry about what we don’t have and what we cannot do. It may not be easy to stay positive in the midst of what feels like a crisis, but you can help your teen by reminding them about their strengths and how they can put them to use to deal with the situation better.

6. Talk About It

Encourage your teen to talk about what is worrying them. Talk is therapeutic and one of the most effective stress relievers too. The most important thing you should do as parents is to listen patiently to your teen.


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  1. Nice. Quick and short points to keep in mind. Also, we shouldn’t forget, that at this stage, they need space for themselves. As parents we need to learn to maintain balance to provide enough space to let them be in their world, but at the same time,be very much involved with the family.

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