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How To Handle Backtalk in Teenager’s

As our children enter the pre-teen 🤓or teens😎 age we often face that they BACKTALK.
Most of us, in turn, react to their backtalk because its annoying😡 to us and it challenges our authority.

If it becomes a habit and your teen talks back regularly, we need to deal with it properly.

1) Define What Is Acceptable To You And What Isn’t👉

Do this during a calm time👼.Let your teen know what they can and what they can’t do and tell them the consequences if they cross the line.

2)Don’t Overreact To Backtalk

It is natural for us in the heat of the moment to react back to the teens back talk but it is very important to handle the situation in a calm and firm way because reacting back angrily sets the fire in the argument.🔥🔥🔥

3)Don’t Take It Personally

If your teen screams at you “I hate you!You are not a good parent”, don’t take it personally.Don’t let your maturity level sink down to your teens level.Its a transient feeling for them.

4) Walk Away From The Fight

If the back talk gets beyond control just tell your teen” I am not going to talk with you right now, we will talk later when you have calmed down.”
Leave the room at that moment.🏃🏻‍♀🏃‍♂

Remember back talk is your teen’s way of learning how to assert themselves. Our job as a parent is to help our teens change the rude behaviour by teaching them how to state their viewpoint in a more respectful and appropriate way.

We eventually want them to learn how to voice their opinion without being DISRESPECTFUL.

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