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9 Ideas by Children that turned into an Invention

Wishing a very Happy Children’s Day to all. Yes! wishing everyone because we all have a hidden child inside us. Childhood is a stage of life where we learn a lot by observing things around us. We have infinite ideas running in our curious mind.

Especially, today’s generation kids are far more Intelligent, Smart, Curious, Technology friendly and Innovative from a very small age.

Have you thought that the ideas that we had back then could actually turn into an Invention? For example, we used to hope of playing video games with our friends even if they are far away from us. And today we have games like PUBG and many more. 

Talking to a friend on a phone call for hours was a expensive dream at that point of time. But today we can to anybody, anywhere, at anytime. Thanks to Technology. 

Similarly, there are kids who have created exceptional and phenomenal on paper. With help of professionals, this ideas have actually turned into an invention.

Check out this 9 Brilliant Ideas. #5 is most Interesting and Innovative.

1. Pringles Hook

Georgia’s original invention drawing

2. Food Cooler Fork

Ameliya’s original drawing

3. Phone Friend telephone arm

Colin’s original drawing¬†

4. Tooth-o-Matic

Henry’s original drawing

5. Life Band, swimming life saver

Danny’s original idea.

6. Creak-less Slippers

Sally’s original drawing

7. Shout Activated Camera

Daniels’s original drawing

8. Glass-wards

Alex’s original drawing.

9. Talking Lunch Clock

Horraine’s original drawing

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