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25 Small Things of Our Life We should be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is around the Corner! It is perfect time to know the importance of Gratitude and Expressing it towards the things we are immensely Thankful for.

“I believe that Grateful people are Happier. They are less stressed about the things that didn’t happen. They don’t take things for granted. they are always grateful for what they have, therefore, no Regrets at all.”

We surely are grateful for the major things of our life like Family, Friends, Food, Shelter, Health, Wealth, Happiness and the repetitive list goes on. 

I agree, that these are the most important aspects of our life and I’m Thankful too. But what about the small things that keep us going through the day, that make our day bearable. The most common? overlooked, usual things?

Our Happiness depends on these small little things of our day to day life and Expressing it is the key. The More habitually Grateful we are, the deeper our happiness will run.

So, I thought to put together my list of things I’m grateful for, hoping it inspires you to come up with your own list and fill your life with greater stores of gratitude.

25 Things to be Thankful For

1. Music that helps in every mood.

2. Netflix; How can we forget this?

3. Food Delivery apps, which never keeps us Starving.

4. Instant Communication, which keep us connected anywhere in the world.  

5. Books; help us to live many characters and travel anywhere while just sitting at the one place.

6. Online Shopping, I don’t think I need to say anything about this.

7. Vacation Days from school and work.

8. Digital camera or a phone with a great Camera feature. 

9. Having that Special Someone.

10. The coziest spot in our House.

11. Our all time Favorite Movies.

12. Long drives on an open road with near and dear ones.

13. The memories you create and reminisce on.

14. Payday. Who doesn’t feel great on a payday?

15. Laughing with friends and realizing how much we enjoy their company.

16. Starry Nights. Nothing can be peaceful than this.

17. Smell of delicious food.

18. The first day of winter when heats come. 

19. A Warm hug. A life without hugs would be a lonely life to me.

20. Our dreams that keep us going for a better life.

21. Unexpected plans are always special. I hope everyone will agree to this.

22. Being barefoot on the sand of the Beach. Period.

23. Moments of Solitude. 

24. Receiving a handwritten letter. Nothing can make us feel special than a handwritten letter.

25. The snooze button. Definitely, it can not be missed. 

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