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10 Must Visit Festivals in December

December is the best holiday season to travel and enjoy. There were many beautiful places to explore because in this season. Many concerts and cultural festivals are also organized as it is the new year celebration. Last month of the must be fascinating, exciting and full of adventures.

So I have brought here a list of Cultural and Musical festivals that cannot be missed. We have so many states and every state has a different culture, these festivals showcase their unique style. Just take a look.

10 Must Visit Festivals in December

1. Rann Utsav, Kutch, Gujarat.

The white salt flats of the Kutch desert shed their monochrome look and embrace colour during the Rann Utsav or the Kutch Mahotsav festival every winter. The festival, which goes on for a period of three to four months, has already begun in November. Tents have been set up at the edge of the desert and travellers can experience the local culture, cuisine and hospitality of the Kutchi people. The festival is a treat of folk dances and music, adventure sports, handicrafts, food stalls, and excursions to surrounding places. Watch the full moon rise over the expanse of white and come back with memories of a lifetime!

When and Where: November to January, Kutch, Gujarat.

2. Hot air Balloon Festival, Karnataka.

Hot Air Balloon Festival is one of unique December festivals of India, organized by Karnataka Tourism in parts of Mysore, Hampi, and Bidar. People enjoy the sheer joy of flying high above the ground in the stunningly bright balloons. Vibrant looking balloons and bird’s eye view of heritage structures of Mysore & Hampi

When and Where: Entire month of December 2018, Karnataka

3. Magnetic Fields Festival, Rajasthan.

Festival of contemporary art and music, Magnetic Fields is the festival for your visual as well as sensory delights. Three epic days of musical magic, food and art make it one of the most awaited festivals of India that takes you through the exotic locations of Rajasthan like that of the grand Alsisar Mahal in Shekhawati. Placed ideally between the triangle of Jaipur, Delhi and Bikaner, this festival is a major international tourists puller in Eastern India. Packed playlist of latest music in the country, this music festival is a cross-cultural magic of Rajasthani music and modern music.

When and where: 14-16 December, Shekhawati.

4. Serendipity Arts Festival, Panaji, Goa. 

A multi-themed festival showcasing performative, visual, and culinary practices from all across India, Serendipity Art Festival, also known as SAF, is one Indian festival you wouldn’t want to miss. Organized in the Goan city of Panaji, the festivals offer enthusiasts from all across the globe to participate and showcase their abilities. Resonating with the Goan culture, this art festival in India will offer you a chance to try out a variety of cuisines.

When and where: 15-22 December, Panji.

5. Galdan Namchot, Ladakh. 

Galdan Namchot is celebrated in Leh to observe the birthday and the Buddhahood of the Tibetan saint and scholar Tsongkhapa, who founded the Gelukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism during the 14th century. The socio-religious festival sees the illumination of all public as well as residential buildings throughout the town! Namchot sets off the New Year celebrations in Ladakh, which continue till the festivals of Dosmoche and Losar in February. During Galdan Namchot, the locals prepare different kinds of traditional dishes. The New Year is welcomed by performers creating a brilliant play of light and fire by whirling flaming torches in the air and then throwing them away.

When and Where: December, Ladakh.

6. Winter Festival, Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Being the sole hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu holds a special place in the state. To encourage tourism in the region, a winter festival is organised every December. The carnival starts with a grand procession to Nakki Lake. Artists from Rajasthan and its neighbouring states such as Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat also take part in the festival. The winter mela at Mount Abu includes folk dances like the traditional ghoomar, gair and daph, Sufi kathak, fireworks display, hot air ballooning, the local sport known as gilli-danda, poetry recitation, kite flying, musical shows and much more.

When and Where: December 29 to 30, Rajasthan

7. Enchanted Valley Carnival, Hyderabad.

The three-day musical carnival is organized in the tranquil Aamby Valley city. Located near Lonavala, this one-of-a-kind music festival is a must see in December. The playlist features some of the modern-day music genres like Techno, House, Trance and Bass. Not just your usual music festival, Enchanted Valley festival offers some pretty fun adventure activities too. The audience gets a complete package of adventure and diversity of different music genres. A perfect weekend getaway for the locals of Mumbai and Pune, this music festival in India offers you the mix of music and natural grandeur.

When and where: Dates yet to be announced for December, Aamby Valley.

8. BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender, Pune.

One of the largest musical festivals in December, the NH7 Weekender is multi-city music saga in India. Featuring some of the biggest names in the Indian and international music industry, the event organised by OML Entertainment has gained a huge fan following in all parts of India. As their tagline says, “best weekend of your life”, NH7 weekender Pune promises to be a blast and would headline some of the popular artists. Some of the artists who have been a part of NH7 Weekenders events are Poets of the Fall, Switchfoot, Guthrie Govan,  Tiny Fingers, Shankar Mahadevan, Nucleya etc. If previous lineups are to be believed, this year’s Pune event is going to be a major blast.

When and where: 7-9 December, Mahalakshmi Lawns, Pune.

9. Feast of Francis Xavier, Goa.

In honour of St. Francis Xavier, a Christian missionary who came to India, an annual festival is held in the town of Panji. It is believed that his body was mummified and preserved in a casket at the Bom Jesus Basilica, in old Goa. On the day of the festival, which continues for several days, a morning mass is held to celebrate the anniversary of his burial. One of the most popular fairs and festivals, Feast of Francis Xavier offers you the feel of Goan culture with feasts and fairs being organised.

When and where: 3 December, Panaji, Goa.

10. Sunburn Festival, Pune

Nothing makes your adrenaline pump like a Sunburn concert. India’s most popular music festival is back with its December gig in Pune. Artists like David Guetta and Carl Cox headlining the event, many of the party freaks wait for this annual event. Jam-packed playlists of Indian and international DJs at the Oxford Golf Resort, Sunburn is the dream of every EDM fanatic. Though a tradition to a Goan New Year celebration, this year the Sunburn event is taking place in the peaceful city of Pune.

When and where: 27-31 December, Pune.



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