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10 Beautiful Rangoli Design Ideas

Diwali is a Festival of lights, sweets, decorations, family, happiness, crackers, fun and much more. Everyone wants to decorate their homes with beautiful Lights, Flowers and Colorful aesthetic Rangoli.

Diwali is incomplete without Rangoli. It enhances the Beauty of our Home Decor and add Colors to it. 

But making a Beautiful, Colorful Rangoli needs a lot of time and efforts.

So, as we know, making Rangoli is definitely not an easy task. Here is a collection of Rangoli ideas from simple to stunning for all of you.

1. Famous Peacock Designs

Rangoli 1
Rangoli 2

2. Traditional Sanskar Bharti Designs

Rangoli 3
Rangoli 4
Rangoli 5
Rangoli 6
Rangoli 7
Rangoli 8

3. Modern Half Circle Designs

Rangoli 9
Rangoli 10

Get inspired by the Rangoli designs and make your Diwali more special…!!

Happy Diwali!!

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