Baisakhi – The Festival of Harvest

Baisakhi is Meaningful, Historical and Significant


India is a country of festivals, there are people who believe in many religions and all religions have their own festivals.

Thus, it is special for people who believe in some religion every day throughout the year. Similarly, on 14th April the special day is for the Sikh people. It was a little different at that time, it is rubbing the Rabi crop in Farm, and the farmers feel happy to see the good harvest, so they express their happiness by celebrating this festival. 

Well, there are many different beliefs about the reason for celebrating this festival, on this day the Sun enters the Aries, this is also a reason for the celebration of the festival. 

Baisakhi - The Festival of Harvest

It is said that in the year 1699, the last guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singhji, had organized the Sikhs in the form of Khalsa, then it is also a reason to make this day special. The preparation of this festival is also like the biggest festival of Diwali, like many days before that, people clean the house, decorate it with colors and lighting, make special dishes in the house. 

On this day the bath has its own significance in the holy rivers. Since the morning, after the bath. Sikh people go to gurus. On this day, the text of the Guru Granth is recited in the gurus, kirtan, etc. Is done.

Fair is organized besides the river and there are lots of people in these fairs. Punjabi people also express their happiness through their special dance Bhangra on this day. Children and young women all become drowsy in the voice of the droll and joy sings dancing with gleefully.


Many stories about this festival are popular, we are sharing a major story with you here:

It is a matter of 1699, the Guru of Sikhism, Guru Gobind Singh Ji invited all the Sikhs. Anand Purab Saheb started gathering in the field only after receiving the order of the master. In the mind of the guru, there is a desire to take the examinations of his disciples.

The master took out his sword from the command saying that I want the head, all the devotees were surprised to hear such words of the Guru, but in the meantime, Dayaram, who lived in Lahore, presented his head in front of the Guru. Guru Gobind Singh Ji took him in with and the stream of blood flowed from inside. 

All the people present there felt that the head of Dayaram has been cut off. Guru Gobind Singhji again came out and showed his sword and started telling that I needed a head. This time Dharmadas who was from Saharanpur came forward, they were also taken inwards by the guru and then the stream of blood appeared to be flowing.


Three people from Jagannath resident Himmat Rai, Dwarka resident Mohan Chand, and Bidar resident Sahib Chand gave their head. After taking the three in the order, the bloodstream was flowing. Everyone felt these five people have been sacrificed, then the Guru appeared with them coming out with these five people.

The master told the present people that the animal has been sacrificed in place of these, I was examining them and these people have been successful in their examination.

Thus, the Guru introduced these five people in the form of their five pawns. And said that they would be called as Singh and instructed them to keep

Their hair and beard grow, and said that they keep the comb along with them, keep saber for self-defense, and put on the edges in the hands.

The master ordered his disciples not to kill the weak Since this incident,

Guru Gobind Rai, become Guru Gobind Singh and Singh name also joined the word Sikh’sand this day became special.


Baisakhi is the festival, which tells us about sacrifice, trust, and patience.

There are lots of things we have to learn from these festivals,

It’s just we need to understand the value of it.