Women, as we see have been going through changing roles from time to time. From past to present, the role has been changing according to the situations and circumstances.

Dressing, in the past was very much different from the present. A woman without pallu was supposed to be a serious offence in a period of time, which today has lost its existence.

Doing household chores was the only thing which kept the women in past busy. But today technological advances has made a woman free from many ‘laborious activities’. Though she is free from those activities, she has been tossing herself with many things like bringing up of children, coping with the modern competitive world, problem of nuclear family, etc. In doing all this, she remains busy throughout the day.

You may find some enthusiastic, energetic women who inspite of all this, have taken care of their hobbies & interests, and kept her mind healthy by doing many activities.

May it be a feminine art or any other skill, there may be hardly any woman who many not possess one or other of these qualities. It may be anything like cooking mehndi gift wrapping articles blog or poems this site facilitates expert advisors in different fields like laws psychology and commerce this site also concentrate on the productive use of internet by the kids and give equal importance to them. They can also post the essays and right-ups , along with this elderly people can share some stories and some dadi maa ke nuskhe.

We Dare is a website for such women who along with their busy schedule or problems want exposure to their skills and abilities, which they have been working on or wants to focus on.