A Proud Moment.

As an Indian woman, I feel proud that women are making mark in so many different areas. Yes I am talking about Shakti Dev, an inspector from Jammu Kashmir who was currently deployed with UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan is awarded International female police peacemaker award 2014 in Winnipeg, Canada.

Shakti Devi
Photo: www.iawp.org/Shakti Devi has consistently worked in improving the efforts towards helping victims of sexual and gender-based violenc and has successfully investigated and prosecuted.

Shakti Devi not only contributed in setting up women police councils in several parts of the war ravaged country but also helped in improving the status of its female police.
Women when think of a change she can do it with the same commitment as she do at home. Women like Shakti Devi around us are a great inspiration to all the people in the country.
          ” Irade nek ho to koi bhi kam asambhav nahi”
She not only made herself proud but also whole country is proud of her work and commitment .
We salute you.

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