Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar

1) Pranam  asana – prayer pose (complete inhalation and exhalation )
2) Hasta Utthanasana – raised arms pose.(inhale).
3) Hastapadasana – hand to foot pose.(exhale).
4) Ashwa SANCHALAN asana – Equestrian pose ( inhale).
5)Purvottanasana –   Plank pose .(exhale).
6) shashankasana – hare pose or surrender to Mother Earth pose  (breathe suspended ).
7) Shashank bhujangasana – striking cobra pose.( inhale).
8)  Parvatasana -mountain pose .(exhale).
9) Ashwa SANCHALAN asana -(equestrian .( inhale) .
10)Hastapadasana – hand to foot pose .( exhale).
11) Hasta Utthanasana – raised arms pose .(inhale).
12) Pranamasana-Prayer pose .(exhale )

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If you synchronise each pose with breathe .
Begin with breathing in and out completely .
In second pose inhale and third exhale and so on
You will achieve more benefits

Surya namaskar an exercise plus what it does to your mind what no spiritual discourse can.

Not surprising, the world is going crackers over this ancient yogic tradition of worshipping the rising sun. What with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and Kareena Kapoor endorsing it over gym workouts and bizarre diets.

From improving your posture, strengthening muscles to whittling extra inches around the waist, the benefits of Suryanamaskar are many, provided you adapt it the right way. A set of 12 fixed, cyclic postures define Suryanamaskar which when performed repeatedly at an easy pace can bring a sense of well being, almost immediately. However, those with a heart condition, arthritis or slip-disk, need their doctor’s consent before starting the routine. Suryanamaskar’s surging popularity notwithstanding, jumpstarting a schedule is most definitely not the best thing to do for a fitness novice. If you have been gravely out of form in a way that you haven’t stretched your muscles in ages, first follow the video of subtle  exercises .

Weight loss is just one consequence; you can so much as put your life together with this ancient yogictradition.



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